Sunday, 3 September 2017

WALT retell and change a kids narrative and make it suitable for intermediate readers.

Little Red Sneaky Hood
Once upon a time, a naughty little girl called Little Red Sneaky hood was frolicking in her backyard. When she went to  get a snack, she noticed a small cottage and she said “ Ooh! Let’s see what sort of mischief I can brew up”! Then she skipped all the way to the little cottage, but she didn’t realise that she was being followed… By her own grandmother. When she entered the cottage, she realised that it belonged to her nanny. But instead of grandma, she found a wolf gobbling up her grandma’s roast beef! Little Red Sneaky Hood  grasps the wolf by his NECK and says “ Have a nice day in your APARTMENT!” while locking him in the cupboard! Little Red Sneaky Hood goes into grandma’s bedroom to see if her grandma is there, But instead she finds the woodcutter sleeping in grandma’s bed! “He! He! He!” She whispers. As Little Red Sneaky Hood tiptoes into the kitchen, she inspects the table-top for a KNIFE. After a long time she finds a big unwashed knife covered in cow blood. All of a sudden the woodcutter woke up! Little Red Sneaky Hood knew it was her chance to scare the woodcutter, so she dashed into grandma's bedroom and then said. “ I am going to eat you for dinner! Mwuah ha ha ha ha!” Being very foolish, the woodcutter believed her! “ Please don’t, I have done nothing wrong!” the woodcutter wined. Then grandma burst through the door! “OH MY GOODNESS! LITTLE RED SNEAKY HOOD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” “Grandma yelled. Umm… Uh…  Nothing?!” Little Red Sneaky Hood stuttered over and over again.“HOW DARE YOU!” Grandma yelled again. Grandma snatched the knife out of her hands and killed Little Red Sneaky Hood! “MWUAH HA HA HA HA! I am the real villain you puny Hood!” Grandma burned her cottage, and killed the wolf and woodcutter. Soon she started her new life in the woods...


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